Sunday, November 16, 2008

No credit.

No credit. No way. No how. Not to anyone.

This doesn't mean me, does it?

Yes, it does. You're the reason we made this policy.

But if only I could get a pack of smokes today and pay you next month when my check comes in.

If had ears to hear the answer is still no.

I know the owner and we've got an understanding.

I AM the owner, have been so for well over a year and a half. The only word you need to understand is no.

I've got a sheet going.

A rap sheet? That wouldn't surprise me.

I'll go right home and come right back with the money.

That's good. Your order will be waiting here for you to pick up when you bring back all the money.

I'm good for it.

"It" doesn't pay my bills. I need cash. When I see the cash, you'll have the goods.

Call the owner and ask them if I could have credit. They know me.

Do NOT ask my employees to give you credit, and do NOT ask them to call the "owner" at home to find out if it's ok. Why don't you give me your boss' phone number and I'll call them to ask when you get paid.

I keep you in business.

Yup, uh-huh. I can't pay my suppliers, employees, landlord, utilities and the IRS with your word. Words and promises don't keep me in business, cash does.

I'm not coming back.

Thank you.

...and it's your loss.

I've won.

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