Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cast of Characters

We have names for certain customers, names which are not their given names. Mostly they are adjectives to describe the person. When we say the name, everyone on staff immediately knows who we are talking about. Some are funny. Some are sad. Here's a few of the names. In upcoming posts, I'll strive to tell a little bit about the person.

We've got

Cigarette Man
Shaky hand man
"Let me ask you something" lady
Traumatic brain injury lady
One bottle refund man
Wheat penny man
Sacajawea man
Half a tuna sandwich lady
"I'm here for my regular" guy
Meatball magician
Paper bag & straw beer lady
Old bum thief
I've got a tab man
"She's grounded" pregnant lady
"Oh no, it's you again" man
Soap factory man

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